Puhui Guides You in Choosing a Pick-and-Place Machine

Currently, in the LED pick-and-place machine market, an increasing number of SMT placement machine manufacturers have begun producing LED pick-and-place machines. This has led to intense competition and market confusion, leaving potential LED placement machine buyers unsure of how to proceed.

When faced with numerous LED pick-and-place machine options, LED companies may wonder what aspects to consider in evaluating the reliability and practicality of the machine and the supplier. Here are some insights from Shandong Puhui Electric on how to choose an LED pick-and-place machine:

1 Source of the pick-and-place equipment: Determine whether the supplier is a professional pick-and-place machine manufacturer or a small-scale agent. Investigate the manufacturer's scale and strength based on the source of the pick-and-place machine.

2 Models, brands, sales history, reputation, and market reputation within the industry.

3 Qualifications of the supplier's personnel: Assess the service quality, attitude, and technical proficiency of both sales and maintenance/service personnel, reflecting the overall technical competence of the staff.

4 Establishment of a global service network, which directly reflects the economic and sales strength of the pick-and-place machine supplier.

5 After-sales service pricing: Being high-tech products, pick-and-place machines are prone to occasional issues, so it's crucial to understand the pricing of after-sales services.

6 Business operation model: Such as the purchase and delivery terms. For example, whether it involves paying 20% in advance, 70% upon satisfactory delivery, and the remaining 10% after one year, or whether there is greater flexibility.

7 Warranty period committed for the equipment, as well as the scope and details of providing pre-sale and after-sale technical materials.

8 The performance of the LED pick-and-place machine itself, including placement speed, accuracy, and other technical specifications.

9 Clarity on what accessories are included with the machine in addition to the equipment itself.