Precautions for Using a Pick-and-Place Machine

As a high-tech product, correct operation of the pick-and-place machine is crucial for both the machine and the operator.

The basic operation of the pick-and-place machine requires the operator to make accurate judgments and follow the fundamental rules below:

1 The machine operator should receive proper training on correct operation methods.

2 When inspecting the machine, replacing parts, performing repairs, or making internal adjustments, the power should be turned off (machine maintenance must be carried out after pressing the emergency stop button or powering off).

3 Ensure that the "read coordinate" and adjustment of the YPU (programming unit) are in your hands for immediate shutdown.

4 Ensure that the "interlock" device is effective for stopping the machine at any time; safety checks on the machine must not be skipped or short-circuited to prevent potential accidents to personnel or the machine.

5 Only one operator is allowed to operate one machine during production.

6 Ensure that body parts such as hands and head are outside the range of movement of the machine during operation.

7 The machine must be properly grounded (grounded, not zero-lined).

8 Do not operate the machine in environments with gas or dirt.