Detailed Operation Instructions for a Small Reflow Soldering Machine

When our machine is running, due to the limitation of the machine, when the air pressure is lower or higher than the target value, the placement machine will sound an alarm, and the related parts of the placement machine may fail for the following reasons:

1 Paper supply abnormality: The paper supply box cannot supply paper normally. If the nozzle is working properly at this time, the nozzle may be damaged.

2 Abnormal stop: This will seriously affect the visual positioning of the placement machine and may cause the placement machine head to touch the PCB board.

2 Turn on the transportation switch of the small reflow soldering machine.

3 Improper head placement: The placement of the head is affected, causing it to be unable to extend and retract in the usual way.

4 We are aware of the danger of low air pressure, and we must address it. Typically, the reasons for low air pressure are deformation, damage, nozzle blockage, insufficient air pressure, air leakage, and premature pressure relief, resulting in the nozzle being unable to absorb or absorb material properly. If the material is incorrect, it is necessary to replace the machine's mounting operation.