Common Troubleshooting Methods and Maintenance for Reflow Soldering Machines

I. The machine cannot operate.

1. Check whether the power switch on the wall is closed.

2. Check if the fuse is burnt out.

II. The machine malfunctions and cannot stop.

1 Check whether the power switch on the wall is closed.

2 Check if the fuse is burnt out.

III. Incorrect temperature.

1. Check if the SSR (solid-state relay) is abnormal, re-connect or replace the SSR.

2. The thermocouple interface is disconnected, reconnect it.

IV. Overheating.

1. Check if the fan is damaged.

2. The temperature controller is not working, SSR is damaged.

Reflow soldering machine maintenance:

1 Clean the machine shell and the residue of the air outlet after each use to ensure the machine's appearance and smooth working channel.

2 Add high-temperature lubricating oil to the motor drive shaft after every 5 hours of use to ensure its flexible operation. Regularly use high-temperature lubricating oil every two months.

3 Clean the internal fan every two months to prevent short circuits or fan burnout.

4 When the machine uses three-phase four-wire power supply, add a ground wire to connect the machine to the ground. Check if the ground wire is connected before starting up.

5 Method of replacing the heating tube of the soldering furnace:

a. Remove the top cover to expose the organic glass shield.

b. Open the organic glass shield upwards.

C. Pull out the heating wire from the clamps at both ends.

d. Pull out the metal lead from the clamp end at the back of the machine heater.

e. Wind 3-6 lines around the heating tube at the back of the machine for insertion.

f. Wind the wires around the new tube, pull out the heating wire clamp end, and push it into the machine.

g. Pull the wire in the direction of the machine's back until the heating tube is pushed into the correct position.

h. Then reconnect the clamp end of the heating tube, connect the heating tube lead to the end wiring device, cover the organic glass shield and top cover.